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2018 Water and Wastewater Rate Study Report for the City of Sierra Madre 

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Historic image of Sierra Madre's City Water Tank

The City of Sierra Madre is the water and sewer utility provider in the city. For new service, please complete the application for utilities and return to City Hall, Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 5:30pm.


  • Online: http://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/sierramadreca
  • Mail: Enclosed pre-addressed envelope. Allow time for the postal service to deliver.
  • In-person: City Hall front desk; or
  • Drop box: In the north end of the City Hall parking lot (anytime; payments deposited after 3:00PM will post to the customer’s account on the next business day).

The City also offers an Electronic Fund Transfer. Your utility bill payment can be automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account (checking or savings) by completing and signing the form. The form can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Electronic Fund Transfer Application


If you are interested in receiving your bill via email you have two options to sign up:

  1. Email us the following information: Account Name, Account Number, Service Address, Phone Number, and Email Address.
  2. Fill out a Electronic Fund Transfer Application* and return the application to City Hall.

*The Electronic Fund Transfer Application may be used to receive bills via email without enrollment in auto bill pay.


Utility bills are issued once every other month, following the 60-day billing cycle. Customers have until the end of the billing month to submit their payment. A 6% penalty fee will apply and reminder notices are issued if all, or part, of a balance remains unpaid by 3:00PM on the last day of the month (postmarks are not considered).

24-hour shut-off notices are issued if all or part of the balance remains unpaid by the 15th day of the month following billing. Service will be shut-off the following business day if all or part of the balance remains unpaid and a service shut-off fee will be applied. Payment of the outstanding balance, a re-connection fee and a deposit will be required before service is re-connected.

If you are unable to pay all or part of a utility bill, please contact City Hall to make special arrangements. A customer’s payment history will be considered when making special payment arrangements.


A utility customer should contact City Hall if they have any questions about their bill or concerns that their fees and/or consumption amount is incorrect, staff will analyze the account & explain the bill to the customer. If the water usage appears to be too high or too low, the City will re-read the water meter within 24 business hours & the customer will be informed of the re-read within 48 business hours of their call. 

City staff will not locate leaks on private property; a professional should be contacted if a leak is suspected. If a second re-read is requested by a customer within a 12-month period the call will be treated as a “meter-test” call & a deposit will be required. The deposit will be returned if meter is found to be in error, 2% high or low.


The City of Sierra Madre offers a one-time leak forgiveness waiver for customers whose excess water bill charges are the result of undetected leaks in the customer’s private water system. You may qualify for the waiver if:

  1. A one-time leak forgiveness waiver has not been previously applied to your water billing account; and
  2. You can show proof that the leak existed and was repaired, and there are no longer signs of any leaks on the property. 

If you have been charged excess fees on your water bill due to an undetected leak and would like to apply for the one-time leak forgiveness waiver, please contact the City of Sierra Madre upon receipt of your water utility bill.

As part of the waiver process, you will be asked to provide a letter to the City describing the leak and the repairs made. The letter must also include a receipt for repairs from your plumber or handyman. If repairs were handled independently, please provide receipts for repair materials.

Once relevant materials are received, staff from the Public Works Department will schedule a visit to the property to confirm that no leaks exist. After successful inspection of the site, your water bill will be recalculated based on the average of your last three water bills.

NOTE: To prevent the assessment of late fees or non-payment shut-off, customers may pay the entire amount of the original water bill or pay the consumption amount, less penalties. The amount overpaid after the recalculation of your bill will be applied as credit on future bills.



Connections to the public sewer system are provided to customers without a private septic system for a monthly fee. Storm drains are provided solely as a method to control surplus rain water. It is illegal to dispose of liquid or solid waste through storm drains. Customers with private septic systems for the disposal of liquid household waste are subject to regulation and fees imposed by the State of California.