Trails are currently closed until further notice

Please take a look at the following guidelines for proper use of the trails

Bailey Canyon Park - Open 6AM - Sunset
Mt. Wilson Trail - Open at 8AM

Please wear face masks if you cannot maintain proper social distancing on trails. Remember to carry out what you carry in at the trails.

Keeping our trails open requires us to be socially responsible and follow guidelines.

Bailey Canyon
Located at 451 West Carter Avenue at Grove Street. Sierra Madre’s small nature study area with trails, plant identification and information kiosk. Handicap access to kiosk and fire ring. Picnic area with tables and stoves. Permits not required for fires in stoves but are required for use of the fire ring. Parking available inside the park. Open year round – dawn to dusk. Overnight camping prohibited. City has use of the area by permit from the Los Angeles County Flood control District. 

Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park
Live Oak Self-guided Nature Trail: Through the turnstile gate west side of Bailey Canyon Park, begins at the entrance to Bailey Canyon above the debris basin. Easy study (loop) trail in oak woodland area, approximately an eighth of a mile. Limited handicap accessibility across bridge to oak woodland. Parking available in Bailey Canyon Park. 
Live Oak Nature Trail 2005
Canyon View Self-guided Nature Trail: Through turnstile gate west side of Bailey Canyon Park, begins a short distance beyond the footbridge in Bailey Canyon. Approximately one-half mile to small but beautiful waterfall. Parking available in Bailey Canyon Park. 

Canyon View Nature Trail 2005
Bailey Canyon Trail: Through turnstile gate west side of Bailey Canyon Park, 1 mile to “MacCloud Saddle” where one may view evidence of the Sierra Madre Fault and 2.2 miles to stream-side rest at the “old cabin foundations”. To start the trail, follow Canyon View Nature Trail to marker #11 and then continue to the old cabin foundations and on to Jones Peak. Jones Peak is just inside the boundary of the Sierra Madre Historical Wilderness Area. Total distance to Jones Peak is 3.3 miles. 

Sierra Madre Historical Wilderness Area
Mt. Wilson Trail: Street parking at junction of Mira Monte and Mt. Wilson Trail. A trail that leads to Mount Wilson Observatory which was founded in 1904, the trail is the site to the second oldest race in California. Immediate destinations include First Water and Orchard Camp (the old camp used by Mr. Wilson himself).

As the trail moves into the Sierra Madre Historical Wilderness Area, a 1.5 miles gradual climb, largely front country, leads to First Water. Access to streamside rest at First Water. The next 2 miles to Orchard Camp have more shade and heavy timber. For advanced hikers, it is another 4 miles to Mt. Wilson through heavy timber and difficult switchbacks. *

Orchard Camp is the halfway point to Mount Wilson and while it's three room building not longer exists, a wall and stone steps remain to this day, making a great place to stop and have lunch before returning to the trail head for those not eager to make the 14 mile round trip all the way to the summit of Mount Wilson.

Trails Connecting to Mt. Wilson Trail

Mt. Wilson ‘Toll Road’: It is only 2.7 miles from the Mt. Wilson Toll Road gate (2260 Pine Crest Drive, Altadena) to the beautiful Henniger Flats. Overnight camping, faucet water, picnic tables and stoves are available. For the adventurous, it is another 6 ½ miles by road from Henniger Flats to Mt. Wilson.

Winter Creek to Big Santa Anita Canyon: The distance from Mt. Wilson Trail by way of a steep firebreak and switchback trail to Hoegee’s Camp (Camp Ivy) is 4 miles. Down Winter Creek from Hoegee’s to Big Santa Anita Canyon and Chantry Flats is just under 3 miles. Alternate Upper Winter Creek Trail from Hoegee’s to Chantry is 3.5 miles. Both trails from Hoegee’s are easy travel. There is a campground, stoves, and faucet water at Chantry Flats.  Fire permits are required at both sites.*

All trails are closed during the fire season. Information concerning hiking and closure conditions may be obtained by calling Sierra Madre Police Department at (626) 355-1414 or the United States Forest Service.

*Note: All trail distances are approximate.

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