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Tree Advisory Commission Construction Application Packet

Often in construction projects, it is discovered that one of our city's four protected trees might be at risk during the process. Such construction projects are referred to the Tree Advisory Commission before a building permit is issued.

The Tree Advisory Commission Construction Application Packet documents and forms are linked below.

Municpal Code, Chapter 12.20 Tree Preservation and Protection, to view the Tree Preservation Ordinance.

The Tree Advisory Commission reviews the project, discusses the measures taken to protect the trees, and decides on mitigation if anything should happen to the trees. Please contact Public Works for further information on the process and necessary forms.


The City of Sierra Madre's streets and sidewalks are maintained by the Street Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department. The Department strives to maintain the City's streets and sidewalks by providing fast and reliable service to the residents of Sierra Madre. The Street Maintenance Division continues to improve and maintain the City's streets through the City's ongoing street rehabilitation project.

The City also provides a Sidewalk Improvement Partnership Program. Residents who are interested in this program should contact the Public Works Department at 626-355-7135.


The City's water quality and supply is maintained by the Water Division, a department within the Sierra Madre Public Works. By providing consistently high quality service to the residents of Sierra Madre we can ensure a safe and reliable method of water delivery for all users. We continue to look for ways we can improve and maintain the City's water infrastructure.

The Water Division has two sources by which they pump, treat, and distribute water. One source of the water supply is derived from four wells drawing from the East Raymond Basin aquifer. The second source is derived from two natural spring tunnels located in our foothills.

Proposed Water Rate Increase Information

City Documents About Water

Documents relating to the Water Division including those about the water rate increase are on the website in the Documents and the Document Archive sections. You may also file a Request for Public Records if you are unable to locate a specific document.

Saving Water at Home (video)

Chloramine Information Links to USEPA

Water Infrastructure

Urban Water Management Plan

Solid Waste

The City of Sierra Madre uses Athens Services as its exclusive franchise waste hauler. All service and billing inquiries can be directed to Athens Services at 888-336-6100.

Tree Services

Parkway Tree Trimming - In an effort to consistently maintain the City of Sierra Madre's tree-lined streets the Public Works Department provides tree trimming on a rotating schedule.

Request for Parkway Tree Trimming or Removal-All individual requests for trimming or removal of parkway trees must be applied for by contacting City Hall at 626-355-7135. Such requests will be reviewed by the Tree Advisory Commission at the earliest possible meeting.

Protected Trees on Private Property –The City's Tree Preservation and Protection Ordinance identifies four species as protected:

Coast Live Oak
Quercus agrifolia
Engelmann Oak
Quercus engelmannii

Western Sycamore

Platanus racemosa
Southern California Black Walnut

Juglans californica

Any project on private property (building, grading, demolition, etc.) that staff determines has the potential to adversely affect a protected tree needs to be reviewed by the Tree Advisory Commission via an application and public meeting.

View the Tree Advisory Commission Construction Application Packet for information and forms. Please contact Management Analyst Carlson in Public Works

in the Public Works Departments for details.

Street Tree Palette - The City's list of trees that are approved for planting in public areas in Sierra Madre. The Tree Advisory Commission regularly reviews the Street Tree Palette and makes ongoing additions or changes. The selections are based on factors such as whether the species is native to the area and would thrive in our climate, its relative drought tolerance, growth patterns in relation to providing shade and clearance over streets and sidewalks, the nature of the root growth and its propensity to damage curbs or sidewalks, and general aesthetics and consistency with the existing urban forest.

Report a Problem

To report a problem during business hours, please call the main City Hall line at 626-355-7135 and give a brief description of the problem, or simply ask for the Public Works Department. The Public Works staff will respond to water leaks in the street or meter, downed trees and branches, road blockages, sewer overflows in public right-of-way, and hazardous situations as quickly as possible. For non-emergency problems such as potholes, streetlight outages, windstorm debris and other items staff will receive and prioritize issues, and address them as quickly as possible.

To report an emergency problem before or after business hours, please contact the Sierra Madre Police Department at 626-355-1414. The Department of Public Works has staff on-call from the Police Department at all times.

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