Police Department
Police Department
Police Department

Communications & Records

Members of the communications and records bureau are ready 24 hours a day to answer your calls for service or visits to the police building facility. These employees, often referred to as dispatchers, are the first people you talk to when you call or walk into the police department lobby.

Sierra Madre is a small police department, so there is often only one dispatcher per shift for communications and records matters.

In our communications center, we answer all 911 emergency calls and non-emergency business line calls. Often, we can assist you regarding a matter, from providing a copy of a police report to answering general questions, but sometimes an officer is required.

We communicate with the officers via radio and MDT (Mobile Display Terminal) to dispatch them to service calls or to be informed of their activities, such as initiating a vehicle stop, patrolling a park by foot or stopping to attend civic gatherings. A CAD-RMS (Computer-Aided Dispatch and Records Management System) is used to store information, including shift activity logs and previous event activity.

The communications center is also responsible for the storage, retrieval and management of all records within the department. We process thousands of citations and complete data entry for forms, from parking permit requests to crime report information.

911 emergency is a telephone number that will link callers to the appropriate emergency service, such as police, medical or fire. Remember, 911 cellular phones are connected to the CHP, California Highway Patrol.

Dialing of 911 Accidentally

If you call 911 accidentally, please stay on the line and inform the operator of your mistake. An emergency is any situation that places the safety of life or property at risk, such as a traffic collision, medical emergency or crime in progress. It is not an emergency when the situation is not dangerous and immediate action is not necessary, such as asking directions or making an animal complaint.