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Community Services Commission

The Community Services Commission is responsible for overseeing the City's recreation and community services programs. The Commission oversees the general use of park facilities and matters relating to the community's recreational and service needs. The Commission provides information and recommendations to the City Council in these areas.

Community Services Commission Members
Name Start Date End Date Term
Pat Alcorn, Vice Chair 2013 2016 2nd Term
Rachelle Arizmendi 2011 2014 2nd Term
David Crochetiere 2011 2014 1st Term
Leslee Hinton 2012 2015 2nd Term
Darlene Mathieson 2011 2014 First
Jeff Shantz 2013 2016 2nd Term
PJ Sibberell 2013 2014 Youth - 1st Term
  • Three year term of office/one year term for Youth
  • Meets the 3rd Monday at 6:30 pm, in the City Hall Council Chamber
  • Staff Liaison: Adam Matsumoto
  • Council Liaison: Council Member Josh Moran