Business Licenses

In order to conduct or solicit any business within the City of Sierra Madre all businesses must be registered and licensed with the City. Licenses are issued for a calendar year (no prorating) and renewal notices are mailed in December. Business License Applications must be returned with payment along with a copy of the applicants driver's license as well as any other State Licenses (California Contractor's card, etc.) to City Hall, Monday - Thursday from 7:30am - 5:30pm.

Any income property owned within the City limits requires the owner to obtain a business license.

Those who are applying for Home Occupation Business Licenses will need to fill out an additional permit form which will be reviewed by the Planning and Community Preservation Department.​

New Business License Fee

1) Miscellaneous Business $332.00 Per Year
   a) Landscaping/Gardening
   b) Handyman
   c) Professional/Massage Therapist/Beauty Stylist
   d) Delivery Vehicle – Wholesale/Retail
   e) Fixed Place of Business/Investment Property (i.e. Apartment Building, rental property, etc.)
   f) Other Business
2) State License Contractor $309.00 Per Year
3) 30 Day Contractor License $157.00 30 Days
   a) Deputy Inspector
4) Home Occupation $228.00 Per Year

Business License Renewal

   1) Miscellaneous Business $177.00 Per Year
   2) Contractor $206.00 Per Year
   3) 30 Day Contractor $106.00 30 Days
   4) Home Occupation $126.00 Per Year

The cost of vehicle stickers (required for certain licenses only) is included in the business license fee and there is no limit to how many can be issued. However, if there are more than 10 vehicles for a business, that business would be registered as a “fleet” in the business license system.

*Fees as of July 1, 2015; the fee schedule changes every July 1st and all charges include $1 SB1186 State Fee

Special Licenses

  • Door to Door Solicitation- $116.00 per day* and per person soliciting
    1. Fill out business license application.
    2. Photo I.D. is required for all persons that will be soliciting.
    3. Bring in a copy of all materials that are being solicited
    4. Each solicitor must carry a copy of the license while they are soliciting in the city and come into city hall each day for renewal.
      *Some special exemptions along with additional information is available by calling City Hall.
  • One Day Special Event - $43.00 per event
  • Vending Machine - $49.00 per machine