Spero Foundation Joins Library to Promote Reading

The Sierra Madre Public Library is pleased to partner with the local SPERO Foundation, a non-profit organization, to promote reading through the Read campaign. The Library is currently featuring the Foundation on posters and on bookmarks that are available at the Library.

The SPERO Foundation was established in 2008 by Heidi Hartman, Colleen McKernan, Linda Knowles, Susan Clifton and Kathy Childs.

At the holidays the group donates money and time delivering over 80 food baskets to families in the San Gabriel Valley. Year round, the Foundation participates in fund-raising events, assisting cancer patient support programs at Arcadia Methodist Hospital Cancer Resource Center and local events benefiting small cancer organizations. They sponsor children’s art classes at Creative Arts Group, Pasadena’s Adaptive Arts Program, Sierra Madre PTA, Concert in the Park, Mt. Wilson Trail Race and the 4th of July Fire Cracker Fun Run.

The Read campaign was created in 1985 by the American Library Association to convey the simple but potent message: READ. The Sierra Madre Public Library has participated in the READ program since 2011.